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TripAdvisor is a social media for travelers, so the company should be social. When you receive a review, respond to your customers. Remember to be professional and polite, write a unique answer for everyone. Use the same tone of voice on TripAdvisor as in other media!

You can respond to reviews by logging into the TripAdvisor admin center. Click on the Reviews tab in the menu and select Reply to reviews from there. Note that you can only answer once – so agree within the company who is responsible for answering.

By taking part in the conversation with customers, you also instill confidence in new customers. And don’t be afraid if you get a little grumble – that’s part of it, and every more experienced traveler can see between the lines if there was really a reason for the complaint and if it’s relevant. Please note that TripAdvisor does remove comments that contain offensive language. Always thank for appropriate negative feedback, but handle complaints privately directly with the customer.

TripAdvisor is available in 49 market areas and in 28 different languages. So it’s worth at least giving the information in English if you want to reach international tourists in the area. According to the rules, you can always only reply to reviews in one language.

Top tips for different industries

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In general, TripAdvisor is about helping the customer, so put yourself in their shoes and think about what will help them make purchasing decisions. It is also worth checking the company profiles of others in the field if you can find good practices there.

Restaurant: A company can be listed on Trip Phone Number VI  Advisor if it offers food, is open to everyone, has regular schedules and is open at least 3 months a year. In addition, it must have a permanent location and an address. Choose the type of your business clearly and quickly, because it is important for a traveler to distinguish, for example, a dessert place from a fine dining restaurant.


List all the housing services you offer, checked. Do you have a sauna, bicycles to borrow and are pets welcome? These are the things a traveler wants to know at a glance. If possible, also add photos of all your services. Be careful that you list your services according to the correct accommodation option. You can choose a business category from the following: hotel, B&B or inn or special accommodation, which means a hostel for example.

Attraction: You can add an attraction Australia Phone Number List of interest to tourists to. TripAdvisor, if its operation is full-time, and not, for example, seasonal. Companies that organize excursions can be listed in this category of TripAdvisor, if they completely implement their own excursions, are approved by an official body and have their own website.

Remember to ask for feedback
The TripAdvisor website and application offers travelers more than 760 million reviews and opinions on approximately 8.3 million accommodation companies, restaurants, airlines and travel experiences.

Also remind your customers on site that you can also be found on Tripadvisor. A good place is, for example, a Tripadvisor sticker next to the front door. Please note that TripAdvisor strives for impartiality, so business owners cannot provide feedback about their competitors.

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