Russell Brunson: Don’t make me so fun that you won’t Junk-o anymore

That they fill our server with files and pages dedicated to information theft and that we realize when Google Safebrowsing shows the alert to our readers or our server runs out of disk space… That the tits that Paula , the no longer blonde winner of the previous edition of Big Brother, who by the way I don’t see this year because I never arrive on time and I don’t like it, have put on… explode causing a tsunami that floods the pyramids of Gaza. What an exaggeration, woman! Then between the check-ups, which will be more expensive than those of a Mercedes Benz and the physio for back pain….

WP-Doctor: Security and performance diagnosis for your WordPress

And now is when, after scaring you a little (I haven’t really told you anything that you don’t know, right?), I’m going to present to industry email list you that cool tool that the professionals at Webempresa have created and that with each passing day incorporates some new features: . It is a free online tool that, in the purest style of tools like Woorank, analyzes your website and offers you a score according to the degree of … tacha tacha… security and performance!

industry email list


At this point, in addition to looking at others, check if your WordPress is updated as well as the plugins you have installed and if you have any caching plugins. Server . Aspects such as the type of server, the headers or the real speed of your connection. Security . One of the points that I liked the most. They review very important aspects to provide your installation with a minimum Phone Number VI of security. DNS . Diagnostic information for  your DNS. SEO . Loading speed, Moz Rank, existence of robots.txt and sitemap files, etc. It offers you an overview of important aspects for SEO. Loading Speed . On both mobile and desktop, you get here indications and an examination of the loading speed of your website or blog.

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