See 8 steps to selling digital content and the benefits

Only organic strategies do not work in digital marketing Organic posts on social media may be successful in the world of influencers, but they rarely achieve significant success in the corporate world to generate sufficient business volumes. Even brands See 8 steps to selling digital content and the benefits  that stand out in engaging in digital marketing have a minimal fraction of business originating 7  for Marketing Agencies from these actions. SEO actions for videos or texts on Google or other search engines can make a difference in the final result in digital marketing, making the cost per lead and customer lower.

However, the results from these practices are slow and uncertain. This is a competitive scenario, in which positions are not easily 7 Recurring Billing Platforms for Marketing Agencies changed. Ultimately, climbing is unfeasible. For example: I want to double my organic reach in two months.

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You can’t count on that, even if you’re an SEO expert. Another example: I want to reach a new market. It’s a fresh start, this will take time. In addition to all this, there is another factor: organic is not free, as there is a very high cost in qualified people to generate and publish content.

In short: the more the internet impacts a business’s sales, the more paid media is necessary. Also read 17 fatal mistakes in digital marketing strategies and campaigns Is my media investment minimally adequate? Firstly, it is important t Spain WhatsApp Number Data pay attention to the meaning of the word “investment”: “Application of resources, time, effort, etc. in order to get something” Definition of Oxford languages Therefore, you should not expect an immediate return. It is a bet aiming for a future return.

Ah, but we are out of cash, we are unable to invest in the medium and long term.” In this case, the problem is not marketing, but managing your business. Marketing can help you grow and profit, but it won’t be a miracle or a stroke of luck. Once this is understood, the first analysis to be carried out is the relationship between investment in services (people) and that of the media. To begin with, these values ​​should be at least equal.

Definition of Oxford languages

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If your internal team or agency costs R$5,000, then the investment in paid campaigns would have to equal that amount. With time Brazil WhatsApp Number List  and increasing digital maturity, these values ​​take off and media becomes the biggest investment. At a certain point in the future, for example, a brand can invest R$2 million in media with a team that costs R$100,000, that is, a 20:1 media/service ratio. Of course, at the beginning, the same investment is tolerable.

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