The metrics that are recommended to observe

 It stands to reason that the more people who visit your website. The more leads you will generate. It’s equally reasonable to believe that if you generate more leads. You’ll close more customers and earn more revenue. When dealing with website visitors. It’s important to know where they come from: organic search social advertising campaigns lead generation and speaking of lead generation . Here too it is essential to know how the company was found by the leads.

 In addition to the provenances already

Mention for the site. We add: events content marketing strategy recommendation from customers or partners specific Business Lead campaigns such as demand generation or account-bas marketing for sales. Metrics are bas on the activities of the sales process and pipeline at a given point in time. These include the number of first meetings and the number of digitally generat qualifi leads (a sql is a person who requests a sales meeting through your site or digital channels). Sales opportunities and proposals present can also be consider as main indicators .

Regarding customer service.

The main indicators could be the customers who respond to marketing campaigns. Those who interact with cross-selling or upselling Phone Number VI offers. As well as the number of new online reviews. Lagging indicators lagging indicators are macroeconomic indices that move behind the economic cycle and show what actually happen in the past. These metrics can concern.

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