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successfully created in our project. AWS provides Indonesian language classes in the field of for FREE through the Cloud and Back-End Developer  can carry out various transactions on the ATM machine. System Shutdown The UML is expected to be able to simplify . Software development (RPL) and meet all user needs effectively, completely and precisely. This includes the factors of scalability, robustness, security , and so on. You need to know that a good system starts with careful design and modeling. One thing you can practice is by using UML. The purposes and functions needed for UML are as follows: Can provide users with a visual or image modeling language for a variety of programming and general engineering processes. Bringing together the best available information in modeling. Provides a model description or as an expressive visual.

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development. Not only does it describe software system models , but it can model object-oriented systems . Makes it easier for users to read a system. Useful as a blueprint, this will clearly explain more detailed information in designing in the form of coding a program. UML can also be used as a tool for transferring knowledge about whatsapp database application.  Systems to be developed from one developer to another. UML is very important for some people because UML functions as a bridge or translation bridge between system developers and users. This is where users can understand the system that will later be developed. You need to know that UML is actually easy to learn , not only for developers, but also business people. Indeed, you can create applications without designing and modeling like UML, but it doesn’t feel good. Like “vegetables without salt don’t taste right.

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An application without prior planning. The system you create will be considered not good if it is not designed using UML. UML is also widely used in large companies such as IBM , Microsoft, and so on. After knowing what UML is, let’s look at various examples of UML diagrams. Examples of Frequently Used UML Diagrams 1. Use Case Diagrams Image of ATM Use Case diagram Use Case Diagram is a type of UML ( Unified Modeling Language ) diagram . That describes the interaction relationship between systems Phone Number VI and actors. Use Case can describe the type of interaction between the system user and the system. Use Case is something that is easy to learn. The first step in modeling requires a diagram that is able to describe

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