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 to purchase learning tokens at friendly prices with Dicoding. Starting in March 2020, as a result, learning output in Dicoding has now become a component of student assessment. There are 2 (two) courses in the D3-DPLA study program where, when students have a coding certificate, they can immediately get an A grade after an interview with the lecturer. First , the Programming for Mobile Devices 1 course requires passing the BFAA class. Second , the Programming for Mobile Devices 2 course requires passing the Android Jetpack Pro Learning class and Becoming an Android Developer Expert. Why Coding?? Answer: “The learning experience in Dicoding at that time was very impressive. The material is relevant because Dicoding is a Google Authorized Training Partner. All modules have been verified directly by Google. Moreover, the delivery of the material is also flexible in Indonesian.” (Indra Azimi). 

Behind the continuous encouragement

For students to study outside campus material, there is a sincere hope . He simply wants his students to be successful in pursuing careers in the digital world. In fact, after learning Dicoding, several students proved to be active in taking part in projects with seniors and lecturers. Apart from experience, this opportunity of course generates additional pocket money for the studen whatsapp database concerned. Furthermore, some of the other students are also trusted to be Facilitators in the 2021 Baparekraf Digital Talent program. Some other students also talked about the motivation they got after completing classes in Dicoding. Because the assignments are challenging, they are more enthusiastic about learning. The students are very highly motivated to pursue programming careers. According to Mr. Indra, there are several similarities.

Always thirsty for knowledge When sparked

in character between them, namely:with an idea, the student will continue to study the material until he really understands it Able to learn independently There is no need for interference from lecturers / others when studying. Students are able to identify what and solutions to their own difficulties Good at managing time All of us have the same 24 hours, the difference is how we organize them. Have you placed long-term oriented/wide-impact activities as your #1 daily priority? Closing the conversation that afternoon, Mr. Indra Phone Number VI eminded us again about the importance of liberating ourselves in learning. “Don’t just study on campus,” he repeated. Ready? Getting to Know the Figure of Today’s Lecturers in the IT World – end Check out other stories from teaching figures in the world of programming in Indonesia: Educator’s Story: Fostering a Love of Programming

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