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Theme blocks 7.1 Category The Ultimate cluster 7.2 Cluster of posts or pages. Column and table of contents 7.4 Testimonials 7.5 Links to social networks. GDPR text for forms 8 Conclusions As you already know. I’ve been making niches for a lot of years and this is the first time. I’ve found a template that seems tailor-made for any niche. To talk to you about it, I leave you with Laura Díaz. SEO editor at Blogger3cero and a faithful niche companion throughout these years. Who will explain to you in detail everything. You can do with this magnificent theme. Hello reader! How is everything? I have returned to Blogger3Cero to present you.

Wasabi has been The Ultimate developed by professional SEO

Wasabi Theme , the WordPress category email list template developed by Marc Ortolà. To monetize niches of both Amazon, Aliexpress and Ebay affiliates and Google Adsense or ads in general. Until recently it seemed that any template with the right settings and plugins could be used to monetize niches. It’s not that it’s false, you can see the incredible results that some nichers achieve, but you can always scale it to another level using tools like this. Wasabi has been developed by professional SEOs who earn enormous amounts with their niches , so they know first-hand what a template needs to satisfy all the needs they may have and make life easier for those who do not have time or very much knowledge. advanced.

Theme offer you? But the benefits of Wasabi Theme

With this template you don’t need Phone Number VI to know anything about code or spend hours configuring product sheets or comparison tables, you’ll see. In fact, with just Wasabi Theme and your favorite SEO plugin you won’t need anything else or invest in any other tool to start monetizing. savings wasabi theme What does Wasabi Theme offer you? But the benefits of Wasabi Theme for nichers go much further… Possibility of creating product listings for Amazon, Aliexpress or eBay with or without API Creation of cards and comparative tables in just a couple of clicks Six types of cluster Optimization of loading speed.

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