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s for Beginners . This class is part of the Back-End Developer learning path .   Web Services and other industry players. If you need a scholarship to gain access to this learning path, please register for.  The Cloud and Back-End Developer Scholarship program . What is Back-End and Back-End Developer  Cloud and Back-End Developer Scholarship is Now Open. What is the JavaScript programming language? Developers must know. JavaScript Tutorial: Write Your First JavaScript Code. In the context of its 33rd anniversary, Lintasarta is reopening . The Lintasarta DigiSchool 2021 scholarship program to support government programs related to digitalization in Indonesia .

Lintasarta DigiSchool is a Lintasarta

CSR activity in the Pintar pillar by providing online coding training scholarships to produce young programmers who are ready to compete in today’s digital economic world .    Through scholarships on the Machine Learning and Back-End Developer learning ws database ath up to advanced level, with the hope that more developers . And workers will be absorbed . With the skills currently sought by the industry. Open to all Indonesian citizens (WNI) with a maximum age of 34 years. The Lintasarta Digital School program will provide scholarships for a choice of 2 Learning Paths, namely the Machine Learning Developer Learning Path and the Back-End Developer.

Learning Path To support the Lintasarta

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DigiSchool program, Dicoding is opening registration .   Of Machine Learning and Back-End and have .  Program might be suitable for you. The requirements to take part in this facilitator program are: For Learning Phone Number VI Path Machine Learning Developer Graduate from the Machine Learning Development Learning class (the class that participants will study). For Back-End Learning Path Pass the Basic Learning JavaScript Programming class and Learn to Create Back-End Applications for Beginners. The facilitator is required to complete . The Back-End Application Fundamental Learning class (the class that will be studied by participants) and guide the Lintasarta .

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