Thinking about starting a podcast? Read this before you start

Have you considered starting a podcast? Great, because this blog post will introduce you to the world of podcasts. Namely, we did a spontaneous informal official survey among our Instagram followers about podcast-related views. Even if you haven’t considered starting a podcast even in your dreams, you might be interested, for example, in which genre, according to your fellow residents. A takes the profit – business life or entertainment. So feel free to continue reading.

The truths revealed by the unofficial Official Podcast Survey

Those who responded to the survey USA Phone Number List listen to an average of five different podcasts . Which is great, because even a bag of loose candy would be nothing if it were filled with just one variety.

We also asked our followers to choose between a podcast or an audiobook. For others, the choice may have been as difficult as with their favorite candies, but 65% chose podcasts . Maybe one of the respondents still consumes both.

Either as a listener or as a podcaster

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you have surely noticed that there are more different platforms than you can count on the fingers of one hand. Our followers have spoken, and it’s good for you to take over these platforms too. The respondents’ absolute favorite platform for listening to podcasts is Spotify , in addition to which Apple Podcasts, Sula, Pod Me, Acasta and Soundcloud also earn podium places.

Our followers are clearly fast-paced Phone Number VI people, and according to the respondents. The appropriate length of the episode is less than an hour . Well, you can understand that if there are 5 different podcasts to listen to and the rest of life to live, and as you know, it’s limited for everyone. But what do we do during that time?

In any case, our followers are by no means relaxing on the sofa to listen to a podcast, but with the classic two birds with one stone principle, we prefer to put on running shoes and headphones.

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