How We Used a Video Course to Promote

Creating and selling educational courses can be a lucrative business. But if you already have a product to sell, you can actually use courses as a marketing tool. Back in 2017, about two years after joining Ahrefs, I decided to create a course on content marketing. I had a very clear understanding of how an educational course would help me promote Ahrefs. People like courses – Folks like Brian Dean and Glen Allsopp were selling theirs for $500 to $2,000 a pop (and rather successfully). How We Used So a free course of comparable quality was sure to get attention.

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A deeper connection – You would basically be spending a few hours one on one with your students. And if you managed to win their trust, you’d get an opportunity to promote company data your product to them. That was my raw thought process going into this venture. And I absolutely didn’t expect that the lifespan of my course would be as interesting and nuanced as it turned out to be. The lessons of my course have generated over 500K+ in total views, brought in mid-five-figures in revenue (without even trying), and turned out to be a very helpful resource for our various marketing purposes. So here goes the story of my “Blogging for Business” course. 1. The creation I won’t give you any tips on how to create a successful course (well, maybe just one).

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Resources (courses?) on that topic already. All I want to say is that my own experience was quite grueling. The 10 lessons of my course span some 40K words. I have never Phone Number VI attempted the feat of writing a book, but I imagine creating such a lengthy course is as close as it gets. I spent a tremendous amount of time polishing each lesson. The course was going to be free, so it was critical that my content was riveting. If not, people would just bounce from it. Paid courses are quite different in that sense. You pay money to watch them. So even if the content is boring at times, you’ll persevere anyway to ensure a return on your investment.

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