Unjust but Rejoices in the

Mundo paz soldán, one of the authors consider in that anthology, six years later would co-it, along with fuguet, another book that point in the same path as mcondo . It was titl se habla español and through its pages the production of latin american writers who told stories from the perspective of the latin immigrant link in some way to north american culture and his life context was made known. Born in bolivia, in 1967, in the city of cochabamba, paz soldán began publishing just after he was twenty years old.

Greatest of These

 In 1990, he publish The Masks of Nothing , a set of stories that receiv mix reviews in his country. Two years later, his first novel Días de papel would be publish . In 1997, he won the Juan Rulfo Prize for his story “Dochera”, later publish in Amores imperfectos . With the Peruvian writer Gustavo Faverón, in 2008, Paz Soldán would it Bolaño Savage , a set of studies on the work of the great Roberto Bolaño, and an essential b2b leads text to approach the narrative of this brilliant Chilean writer, who di at the height of his literary production and author of fundamental books such as Wild Detectives , The Insufferable Gaucho , Nazi Literature in America and the monumental and surprising 2666 .

Three Is Love the

 Paz Soldán studi International Relations in Argentina and the Unit States, and then obtain a doctorate in Hispanic American Literature at the University of California, Berkeley. Before, she had studi in Cochabamba at the Don Bosco private school. The adventures of a group of wayward teenagers from the upper Phone Number VI class who study at this school in their last year of high school, and whose lives take place against the gloomy background of a country hit by the economic crisis and social disaster, constitute the core of the story.

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