Use inbound marketing to convert complex sales and B2B customers

On Instagram, short videos were call Reels (which generally last up to 90 seconds), and on YouTube, they are call Shorts and last between 15 and 60 seconds. 3. Long Lasting If you want to create longer videos , then you can use YouTube, where Use inbound marketing to convert complex sales and B2B customers videos lasting several minutes (or even hours) are common and well receiv by users, especially because of the possibility of speing up the video by up to 2x and ruce the actual time it takes to consume content. 4. Lives Lives, also call live broadcasts , are characteriz by the absence of iting and continuous recording.

Use inbound marketing

You can live on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, among other networks. In some of them, it is even possible for the lives to be sav on your profile after the broadcast ends. 7 tips for recording videos to promote your company on social mia 7 tips for Switzerland Phone Number Data recording videos for social mia and promoting your company Regardless of the type of video, there are some elements that are essential to ensure the success of content in this format. We’ve put together 7 tips for you to put into practice and create videos that capture the attention of your target audience on social mia.

Videos with low technical

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Follow these 7 tips when recording video content for your brand on social mia: 1. Deliver quality Platforms seek to generate the best experience for their users so that they spend as much time as possible on them. Therefore, videos Hong Kong Phone Number List with low technical quality may be left aside by social mia algorithms. This doesn’t mean you ne professional filming equipment to record good videos. Just worry about the 2 elements below and you will create better videos , even using a smartphone: Lighting : Film the video in a well-lit location , such as outdoors or near a window.


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