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Events Among the events that most caught the attention of Brazilians and result in many Google searches are the war between Russia and Ukraine, the heavy rains that affect Petrópolis (RJ) and the death of Great Britain’s longest-serving Use Off Page SEO techniques to gain more visibility online monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. 3. How to do it? This category is interesting to inspire content creation because tutorials are popular among people on the internet.

Among the main searches in this category are searches on how to create trends on Instagram and how to create polls on the instant messaging app WhatsApp. See too : How to Use WhatsApp for B2B Sales? Instagram Bio: 10 Examples to Create Yours series.

Great Britain’s longest

Series Who doesn’t like watching a series to relax, right? This format has been increasingly consum by Brazilians, and among the top Thailand Telegram Number Data ratings and Google searches are the teen drama Euphoria , the true crime genre representative Dahmer: An American Cannibal and, the most search for, the adaptation of Sandman comic book . 5. Podcasts The creation and consumption of podcasts explod in Brazil in 2021 . We are the third country that listens to podcasts the most in the world , according to a survey carri out. This is proven by the category of podcasts most search for on Google by Brazilians.

Format has been increasingly

Thailand Telegram Number Data

Find out more: Podcast: What Is It and How to Create One for Your Brand? Apply Google Trends data to your marketing! In this article on the Tupiniquim blog , you learn that Google Trends is an excellent tool for keeping up to date with what is UAE Phone Number List trending among searches carri out on the most us search engine in the world: Google. Knowing what your target audience is searching for on Google, you can produce content align with the interests. Although, doubts and nes of people who can get to know and consume your brand, products or services through digital interaction with your business.


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