How to Create Videos that Generate Engagement on Social Media?

Want and can invest, there are already affordable ring lights on the market. Also remember to clean your smartphone lens, right? This, in itself, already improves the quality of the captur images. Audio : Record the video in a quiet place with good acoustics. A furnish environment with curtains helps absorb echo and improves audio capture by the cell How to Create Videos that Generate Engagement on Social Media? phone’s microphone.

Again, if you want and can invest, there are already well-pric external microphones on the market that will significantly improve audio capture. 2. Captivate at the beginning The first few seconds of a video are decisive in generating engagement.

How to Create Videos

If the content doesn’t capture attention right away, the audience will move on to the next post in their fe. Therefore, think of a good hook to quickly introduce the topic of the video, in addition to showing the name of the company, product Singapore Phone Number Data or service. You can start the video by asking a question that cites a problem or ne of your audience, for example: “Do you want to sell more? So, follow these X tips!” If the video is an interview or testimonial from a client or an expert on the topic, select the most interesting and authentic part of the speech and display it at the beginning of the video (repeating it later with more context as the recording continues).

Captivate at the beginning

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Include subtitles If there is dialogue in the video, include subtitles in it. This is important because many people do not turn on audio in videos so as not to disturb people around them (for example, on transport or at work) or themselves. Subtitles also India Phone Number List make content accessible to people with hearing impairments. Furthermore, many platforms are starting to play videos in the fe without sound, so that the user can decide whether or not they want to listen to the content. It is worth remembering that automatic captioning features are already available on some of the main social networks, such as Instagram.


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