Improve the Web performance of your site

When you have a website or an eCommerce you face two great challenges: conquering your users and Google. In this sense, improving your web performance. is one of the pillars that you have to work on constantly to put both in your pocket. If your site is slow, unintuitive or of dubious reliability , forget about earning their trust . Your website is the digital space of your company and the best showcase. to invite users to come and get to know your business. The question is how you have this space conditioned and if you are able to make your visitors have. a satisfactory experience, and if possible, make them buy from you. When optimizing your web performance, it’s not just about trying to be. the fastest and prettiest (or maybe it is). We are talking about at least trying to offer the best possible experience to your users. and to Google itself: usability, speed, security and mainly, effectiveness (at least).

Size and dimensions of web images

Improve the Web, If we talk about better web performance we talk about WPO and the optimization of loading times . of your site or eCommerce. It is about offering content to the user in the shortest time possible. Keep in mind that neither users nor Google are willing to wait more job function email list than 3 seconds for your website to load. In this sense, the choice of hosting and other factors such as those below play a vital role .Size and dimensions of web images Here you have to take into account. two aspects: weight and dimension. The images on your website should not weigh more than 100 KB each . Additionally, it is important that the size adapts to the dimensions of your site . There is no point in uploading an image of 5000 pixels if your web width is 1200. When it is displayed to the user, it will have to be resized.

Core Web Vitals

Improve the Web, With the Core Web Vitals Google decided to unify criteria so that there was no room for what it expects from a website. And what do you expect. Make it a fast site LCP or Large Contentful Paint To give you an idea. Google will consider your site good if it loads in less than 2.5 seconds. Make it satisfactorily. Interactive FID or First Input Delay is the metric you. Use to measure how Phone Number VI long it takes to respond to user interaction. To be approved, the interaction time must be less than 100 milliseconds. Have visual stability CLS or Cumulative Layout Shift measures the amount of changes in visible content. For example, elements that move on a website and that disconcert the user. Each change receives a score and the accumulated amount is added. The total result of a correct website must be less.

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