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I will tell you more in a blog post in a week, but I want you to know this already. Truth be told, your first course probably won’t be the best or best-selling course. That’s why it’s not worth spending half a year on it. Making a short course (max. 4 weeks) doesn’t take too much time, you can sell it cheaply, pilot it, test it and develop it . I understand how it feels to stand by while others sell their massive 6 and 12 month courses. But remember, they’ve probably been doing this for a long time. They have years of development work, innovation and market research behind them.  course” (back-end) later, which is longer and more valuable. For that, you get valuable experience and know-how when you start with a short course. that you can finish it faster and you can sell it much sooner.

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I’ve talked to dozens of digital entrepreneurs starting out, and I’m amazed every time they think that the course will start generating latest database money only after months or even years. The fastest my students have received results is 2 to 3 weeks after starting the course. So there is no need to wait for months when the course can start producing for you in weeks. 17 elements Register statement and data protectionDo you want to know 11 tips for blogging and time management? 11 amazing bloggers shared their tips For time management | 0 Comments | Tiia Konttinen This can also be shared… like HBO’s theme songs 140 SHARES Facebook 136 Twitter Pinterest 4  11 tips for blogging and time management? 11 amazing bloggers shared their tips. This post was originally published as a weekly newsletter.

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How much time for blogging? Managing your own time Lack of time or stress on the schedule implementation This is the blogger’s Achilles heel. Time management. A week ago, I asked bloggers what their biggest challenge is in blogging. The answer was almost unequivocal – lack of time. I admit and am aware of this myself. Running a daily life, work and blog is demanding. You don’t get more time, so you have to prioritize and rationalize what you have to do. The possibility of outsourcing also exists. The biggest Phone Number VI help for myself has been listening to other bloggers’ and entrepreneurs’ tips on time management. Even if you haven’t been able to put the tips into use right at that very moment, they have remained alive in your subconscious. When the time is right, the pieces just fell into place.

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