what it is, advantages, challenges and tools for your AI strategy

If up to a few decades ago artificial intelligence seemed like science fiction, now many people interact with this technology on a daily basis, whether it’s listening to a playlist curated by Spotify, watching a recommended series on Netflix or asking the assistant Google voice to set the kitchen timer.

If we look closely at the Italian situation, in the UAE Phone Number List last year the AI ​​market has grown by 32% , reaching 500 million euros. More specifically, according to data from the beginning of 2023, 61% of large Italian companies have already launched at least one AI project (and 42% of these companies have more than one operational AI project).

As for small and medium-sized enterprises, however, 15% have at least one AI project started (6% growth compared to 2021), but one in three companies plan to launch new projects in the next two years.

As evidenced by these statistics

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it is clear that it is not only the biggest and most famous companies that are benefiting from AI. Technological improvements allow even the smallest companies to harness the power of AI, including AI marketing, in their day-to-day operations.

According to the results of a survey conducted by Unbouncy and reported in a Geek Marketing blog article , it would appear that budget constraints are the biggest obstacle to marketing initiatives for more than half of small businesses. This is where AI marketing comes in, no longer an exclusive solution for large enterprises.

In fact, AI marketing allows even the smallest companies to automate the creation of content, the optimization of the review page, the management of the lead flow and the offer of a personalized and effective customer journey (i.e. a customer journey). .

If you don’t already have a site

You can create a website with. Wax and add some of the Phone Number VI many available and accessible AI tools to better understand your customers’ needs, suggest the best products, and reach out to them at the optimal time to buy. Read Wax CEO and Co-Founder Avishay Abraham’s thoughts on AI and learn about all the Wix AI tools currently available and coming to Wax.

In this article, we’ll explain what AI marketing is, delve into the benefits and challenges of AI, and help you understand how to best use this cutting-edge technology to improve your small business’ marketing efforts.

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