What were the main searches made by Brazilians on Google

Although users use social networks to connect and strengthen relationships with other people, social networks also serve as a showcase for companies to publicize their solutions. Therefore, the idea of ​​social networks is to awaken people’s interest in knowing, for example, your website or blog. Pages on Facebook, profiles on Instagram, Twitter and Tik Tok and accounts on Pinterest allow you to show yourself as a reference in what you do or sell, sharing interactive content and bringing the public closer to the brand.

On LinkIn, it is possible for people to communicate with companies or professionals who hold a position in a certain sector. Furthermore, it is possible to search for businesses in certain regions, such as a Digital Marketing Agency in São Paulo.

What were the main searches

This channel is, without a doubt, an excellent opportunity for your business to be seen by people who are interest in your niche. 2. Email Marketing Email marketing is another digital marketing channel for promoting your products or services, including Qatar Telegram Number Data sending newsletters , promotional emails, and marketing automation emails , for example. This resource is very effective for nurturing leads by sending relevant content, rich and ucational materials, such as e-books and infographics or even announcing something new about your business.

Email Marketin

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Organic search Whenever a user accesses a website through a search engine (e.g. Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.), there is organic traffic. Organic traffic is usually achiev with more difficulty than other channels, as it is up to the search engine to decide which URL will be in the top positions of its rankings. Competition for traffic from this channel is Spain Phone Number List very high, as users who access a website through a search engine show high interest in the topic , which makes them useful at any stage of the purchase funnel. This is why SEO is so important , which aims to optimize a website to rank better in the organic search results of search engines, including keyword techniques, link building, optimiz content and other techniques to improve the visibility of the website.


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