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You have to ask yourself the right questions to determine which social network to choose: What is your objective? What target do you want to aim for? How and at what cost? LinkdIn, the social network for professionals Launchd in 2003, LinkdIn is a professional social network that has continud to grow ever since. members-linkdin-france Internet Journal In the third quarter of 2016, there were 467 million members worldwide and 106 million unique visitors per month.

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In France, the number of members jumpd by 450% between 2011 and 2016. It now reaches 11 million subscribers, including 9.5 million unique visitors. The audience is certainly smaller than that of Facebook or Twitter, with respectively 31 million Latest Mailing Database active users and 26.2 million unique visitors in France.  – September 2016). However, it is much more precise and targetd . A specific professional audience LinkdIn Ads is primarily aimd at a professional audience, in particular companies operating in a B2B context. If we were to establish the typical profile of French LinkdIn users, it would look approximately as follows: They are on average 44 years old.

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Members have decision-making power within their company, and mainly hold positions of manager, director, general manager, etc. in large Phone Number VI companies. (Source: LinkdIn ) 89% of members have at least a bachelor’s degree. (Source  LinkdIn ) 53% have a household income above €60,000 and live in the largest French cities. source LinkdIn A more qualifid audience As a B2B player, LinkdIn is an excellent tool for conveying an advertising message likely to reach the right people at the right time. The advertising resources implementd on LinkdIn Ads allow you to broadcast your ads to a qualifid and receptive audience. This large professional audience has, moreover, significant influence and purchasing power.

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