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 In a month, the price is about 30 dollars. When I read through this page myself, I was confused. I had to scroll through the page many times because I was looking for information in the beginning, whether it is really a one-time payment or a weekly payment. I found references to the weekly payment on the sales page only in this section. There’s only one way to find out which one it really is. So I bought the course and paid $7 for it. When I got into the course, I noticed another “cheat”, about which I will write a new post later. After a week had passed, my credit card was indeed attempted to be charged another $7. However, I have closed online purchases on my credit card, so the payment could not be charged.

Why do you have to read even long sales texts

Here are some screenshots of his sales page below: Why do you have to read even long sales texts? ? At this point, you’re starting to get a good idea of ​​what the price point of the product is, right? The price has been shown a few more times on the sales page. It also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee Why do you new data have to read even long sales texts? If you had read the sales text almost to the end, you would have seen several times that the price of the course is only $7, so you would be pretty convinced, right? [ Those of you who know more about digital marketing understand that this is the so-called tripwire product because the price is less than $10. ] So on the surface everything looks good! So Phone Number VI where is the problem? It is here: Why do you have to read even long sales texts? So it was not a one-time payment product, but $7 is charged weekly.

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 Many people don’t read sales pages completely, and marketers know this. Therefore, they may add terms and conditions to the sales page that you may not even notice. In this post, I want to show what can be done with a sales page at worst. A hidden scam I was surfing here a while ago on  teaching people how to make money with IG. The pictures on her IG account were amazing, and included results of both her and her students’ achievements. Although for me IG is a more unknown and less used social media channel than, for example, FB, I decided to see what he actually has to offer. I won’t tell you more about the coach or his product, because I just want to highlight what can be shoved into sales pages at worst.

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