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Demographi they are the ones who impact the success of social mia platforms. However, there are also downsides that come with these short videos, the biggest being monetization. It’s incribly difficult to monetize effectively from short-form content , you might remember Vine found this out the hard way. This social network was extremely popular before with its -second videos, however, since it fail to find ways to effectively make creators earn on its platform, it has lost the most important ones, who have shift their focus on other social networks.

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The cause of Vine’s great downfall , and seo expate bd TikTok figur it out. Why is TikTok Launching -Minute Videos? Following the lack of opportunities to monetize short videos, TikTok has announc that it will roll out the ability to upload -minute videos to all users globally . Before this, videos were limit to just minutes in length (originally seconds), which is why you may have seen creators upload videos in multiple parts. This is a great move by TikTok, as it will become even more of a direct competitor to YouTube , which made $ . billion in advertising in.

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Fighting for a slice of YouTube’s advertising Phone Number VI revenue, Google’s platform has begun to shift its focus to TV advertising revenue . How Will Users React? It will be interesting to see how users respond to this longer video content, as it’s a risky move considering people use TikTok for fun, viral, and short content. We also don’t know how these will be present in the app, whether there will be a ne to create a separation between long and short videos. Will users be happy to see minute long videos in their “For You” fe? TikTok has already featur live streams in the main fe without impacting user engagement, so the social network will certainly have ideas on how to implement this feature.

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