Why Is Your Marketing Strategy Not Working?

Agência Tupiniquim specializes in creating and implementing branding strategies that reflect the essence and business potential of the most diverse segments and, in this way, create relationships of trust with prospects to convert them into loyal Why Is Your Marketing Strategy Not Working?customers . Talk to Tupiniquim so we can develop and implement branding actions to make your business stand out from the competition! In February 2005, 3 friends launch a website in California (USA) to facilitate hosting and access to videos on the internet.

Why Is Your Marketing

Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jaw Karim, former PayPal employees, didn’t know it, but they were creating the largest and most us video publishing and sharing platform on the planet. Just over 1 year after its launch, the platform already receiv more than 100 million user hits. The success caught the attention of other technology giants and, on October 9, 2006, Google announc the purchase of YouTube for more than 1 and a half billion dollars .

Currently, the video platform is the second most visit website in the world, behind only Google itself. A survey carri out by Comscore in May 2021 found that 113 million Brazilians watch videos on YouTube monthly. This large volume of hits Korea Phone Number Data increasingly attract the attention of companies that want to advertise their products and services to users of the video platform to convert them into customers. Therefore, in this article, Agência de Tráfego Pago Tupiniquim explains what it is and how to use YouTube Ads , the video website’s advertising service, to win more customers and boost your sales with advertising on YouTube.

PayPal employees

Korea Phone Number Data

What you will read about YouTube Ads: free google ads ebook tupiniquim agency banner woman What is YouTube Ads? 3 reasons to advertise your business on YouTube 7 steps to advertise your business using YouTube Ads 3 tools to Singapore WhatsApp Number List measure the results of your YouTube ads Use paid traffic to advertise your company and watch your revenue soar! Frequently Ask Questions What is YouTube Ads? Although, Ads is the name of YouTube’s paid traffic tool , which is part of Google Ads, Google’s advertising platform. With this service, it is possible to display advertisements for products and services to users who consume videos on YouTube.


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