With the actions in the system

development of a Use Case . 3. Sequence Diagrams sequence diagram understanding uml Image Sequence Diagram.  A sequence diagram is a diagram that explains object interactions based on a time sequence.  Sequence can describe the sequence or stages that must be carried out to produce something.  As stated in the Use Case diagram Class Diagrams uml class . Diagrams are Draw a Class Diagram A class diagram or class diagram is a diagram. That is used to display classes in the form of packages to fulfill . One of the needs of the package that will be used later. However, in the Class diagram the model design is divided into 2 parts. The first class diagram is a description of the domain model which is an abstraction of the database. The second class diagram is part of the MVC pattern

where there is a boundary class

Model View Controller program module,  as an interface class .  A control class as a place for algorithms to be found, and entity classes.  As tables in the database and program queries . 5. State machine diagram state uml Draw Statemachine Diagram Statemachine is a type of diagram in UML which functions to describe transitions and changes to an object in the system. 6. Component whatsapp number list Diagrams component diagram – what is uml Component Diagram Image Component diagrams function to describe the software in a system. Component diagrams are applications of software from one or more classes, and are usually in the form of data files , source code, .exe, tables , documents, or others. So, those are some examples of UML ( Unified Modeling Language ) diagrams which are often used in designing and modeling a system.

There are times when the UML diagram

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that is created only extends to the class diagram. This also needs to be considered, in order to adjust to needs. Are you interested in learning UML ( Unified Modeling Language ) starting today? In lectures UML ( Unified Modeling Language ) is often studied, such as what UML is, examples, how to implement it and so on. In fact, UML is one of the requirements Phone Number VI in the thesis, for example, including UML diagrams which will be the subject of discussion in Object Oriented Programming (PBO). Not only for  activity diagram uml coding Image Activity Diagram Activity diagram or in Indonesian means activity diagram, is a diagram that can model various processes that occur in the system.

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