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You can be their applications for an interpretation, real estate owners point out that the currently applicable provisions are inconsistent with the constitution and that they are a violation of acquir rights. There is an argument that the buyer of the property did so with the thought that he would be able to include depreciation ductions in the rental costs. However, a change in regulations depriv them of the right to fully depreciate the property before the end of the period. However, the tax authorities claim that they are not responsible for deciding whether laws are consistent with the constitution. Court judgments issu in such cases do not bring anything new.

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Will have to come to terms with this situation. What does the building’s depreciation look like in ? Depreciation of buildings is still possible, but from it philippines photo editor only covers non-residential buildings and structures. This position is also confirm by the individual interpretation issu on June , . In this interpretation, issu by the Director of the National Tax Information. KDIPT -MAP , the entrepreneur asks whether he will be able to include depreciation write-offs on an apartment purchas for short-term rental purposes as tax-ductible costs? Revenues receiv from rent will be settl as part of the business activity. And the premises themselves were classifi in the register.

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The director of the KIS found the entrepreneur’s position to be correct , and in the justification we read “Taking into account the applicable legal provisions, it should be stat that the amend Art. c point of the Personal Income Tax Act does not apply to non-residential Phone Number VI premises. For this reason, you will have the right to include depreciation ductions on the purchas premises which, as you indicat..

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