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And we achieved it with flying colors. The Your Product resulting excel had 27 pages with 33 columns each… A lot of information. After analyzing the results of the quantitative analysis, we select the most interesting user profiles to do an interview and delve into their use of the tool, reasons for registration and cancellation. We wanted to define problems for each module of the tool, delve deeper into each profile and understand reasons for unregistering and signing up. We call this phase “Quantitative Analysis” and as a result of it we clearly outline the different user profiles, their subprofiles and what their problems are, their use cases, etc… As a result of these 2 analyzes we get the user files.

The research we discovered Your Product 3 main types of churn

Finally, we implemented Amplitude in industry email list our tool to see, as we made changes, if it improved our Daily Active Users (DAUs), the use of specific modules of the tool, the daily retention of new users, etc… With the total of the research we discovered 3 main types of churn: The derivative of not finding value in the tool (mainly in users in month 1, 2, 3 and 4). The derivative of sleeping users or the tool becoming too small (mainly in users in month +5). The one derived from the user’s personal circumstances (unavoidable for us). Hypothesis testing to reduce churn With these results in hand, we define experiments that we believe can reduce churn by first focusing on the churn derived from not finding value in the tool because.

We want to guarantee that when someone pays for Dino RANK

We believe that in general terms they are Phone Number VI quick wins They are little linked to the efforts of the technical department, which is saturated For a second or third iteration we agreed to test the 2 areas that we left empty in this first pass. Right now, we are especially focused on those tests more aimed at user activation. That is, we want to guarantee that when someone pays for DinoRANK they know exactly how to use the tool to improve the web positioning of their project. The 3 stocks that look best for now are: Forced project setup. When you first log in you have to put a project in the tool and work on it. Onboarding in-app and by email. Based on your use case, training in both ways and at a high level to use the tool. Manual onboarding.

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